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Here I share my top tips for finding a French language partner, getting the most out of the experience and avoiding the potential pitfalls of conversation exchange. My Language Exchange A user-friendly website complete with games, chat rooms, forums and lesson plans – a great conversation starter if you’re struggling for things to say!

Even so, many language learners have a hard time getting started.

They hem and haw, afraid to embarrass themselves or make themselves vulnerable to strangers on the internet.

Can you have a worthwhile French language conversation while panicking over conjugations?

Can you express yourself well enough to make French friends when you only know 6 basic verbs? All French language learners, from beginners to advanced students, can gain something from conversing in French.

You are there to converse, not take meeting minutes.

For learning specific vocabulary, a notebook can be helpful as a reminder.Set a stop-watch on your phone and agree an interval for each language, e.g.twenty minutes in French, followed by twenty in English.If you are a total beginner and opt for an almost bilingual partner, you are likely to become embarrassed easily and apologetically revert back to English.Find a partner whose English is at a similar level to your French. You will learn much faster without having your native language as a crutch.Finding a French language partner can really help your conversational French go from stilted sentences to full-blown debates in record time.


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