dating a married women - Backdating incapacity benefit

The following people are allowed a bedroom: • An adult couple.• A person aged over 16 years.• 2 children aged 15 or under of the same sex.• 2 children aged 9 or under, regardless of their sex.

If there are two severely disabled children who need a bedroom each because of their disabilities, you can be awarded an extra bedroom.

If you are a disabled person who has a non-resident overnight carer, you will be allocated an extra bedroom. If you have a shared care arrangement for children, any child can only be considered to be living in one household.

Where the shared care is considered to be equal between both parents, then the child will be considered to be living in the household with the parent who receives child benefit.

UK From 28 July 2016, the Government has cut the amount of time claimants can stay outside Great Britain before their Housing Benefit will stop.

Before, Housing Benefit had a general rule that it would stop after 13 weeks, whether that absence was within Great Britain or overseas.

there are 3 tenants, with one extra bedroom and the eligible rent is £100.

It is apportioned £100 - £14 ÷ 3 = £28.67 maximum Housing Benefit for each tenant.

Those claimants not on a passporting benefit retain the family premium if they were entitled to it on 30 April 2016 until: the amount of the Government’s benefit cap will be lowered from £26,000 per annum to £23,000 (£15,410 for single people) in London and £20,000 (£13,400 for single people) outside London.

Those affected by the new amounts will be written to by the Department for Work and Pensions before the cap is in place and advised as to how they can move off the benefit cap.

Foster children are not considered as occupiers when counting the number of bedrooms required.

If there are joint tenants in the property, the reduction will be apportioned between them e.g.

The claimant still has to show continuous good cause for the period in question.

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