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We try to review as many of these votes as possible to make sure we have the right answers.

Accommodating is the adjective form of the verb accommodate, and it’s used to describe those who are cheerfully willing to make small adjustments to help you out.

The waiter who is happy to serve the dressing on the side, give you extra cheese on the burger, and swap French fries for mashed potatoes, all because that's how you want it?

Overall, friends were more accurate than strangers at identifying the senders’ emotions, however, less close friends were better than closer friends at correctly judging concealed sadness and anger.

In discussing these findings, we consider models of motivated inaccuracy, accommodatingness, and emotions as calls to action. Weylin Sternglanz is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing.

[1913 Webster] A man of few words and of great compliance. Syn: Concession; submission; consent; obedience; performance; execution; acquiescence; assent.

Accuracy at reading nonverbal cues to emotions was examined for close friends, less close friends, and strangers.

Benevolence of heart; beneficence of life; munificence in the encouragement of letters.

The disposition to do good; good will; charitableness; love of mankind, accompanied with a desire to promote their happiness. One may show his munificence in presents of pictures or jewelry, but this would not be beneficence.

Forty-eight judges watched these tapes without sound and attempted to identify the senders’ emotions.

Each judge watched a videotape of both a platonic friend and a stranger.

We wish to thank William Ickes and two anonymous reviewers for their thoughtful comments on earlier drafts of this manuscript.


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