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I think Richard completed his shift and handed over the watch to the next group and went to the toilet(which was a common thing to do),however with the rain beating on the trees and bushes,it made for eery,almost disturbing sound.

This, think is what made people edgy and also whilst trying to sleep,and the moonlight probably clouded over.

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Porto came from Sea Point and his father ran a cafe on High Level Rd. Die bees wagtertjie wys na die loopgrawe voor hulle. I salute all our lost Brothers and once again shed my tears, knowing irrespective of what gets said or who has said what about the dedication and selfless sacrifice of all our Brothers who ever served their Military Service, if I could have the chance, I would do it all over again. Diane now lives on the West Coast with her daughter, Sharon.

They were sadly taken away whilst on static duty on Raglin Road in Grahamstown when their Buffel rolled and they were thrown out. Fighting soldiers from the sky Fearless men who jump and die Men who mean just what they say The brave men of the Maroon Beret Silver wings upon their chest These are men, South Africa's best One hundred men will test today But only three win the Maroon Beret Trained to live off nature's land Trained in combat, hand-to-hand Men who fight by night and day Courage peak from the Maroon Berets Silver wings upon their chest These are men, South Africa's best One hundred men will test today But only three win the Maroon Beret Back at home a young wife waits Her Maroon Beret has met his fate He has died for those oppressed Leaving her his last request Put silver wings on my son's chest Make him one of South Africa's best He'll be a man they'll test one day Have him win the Maroon Beret. Xg6By20I grew up in front of Russell, on Vaal Reefs Gold Mine, in the (then) Western Transvaal (now North West). My mom and Diane are still best friends and visit each other every year. Barrington was a rifleman from 6SAI, Foxtrot Company, Platoon 4 and was a pleasant well mannered and popular chap.

A 32 Battalion Anti-Tank Ratel 90, Callsign 13, Commanded by 2/Lieutenant Jose Raymond Alves became bogged down in a muddy shona while engaging FAPLA manned Soviet T-55 tanks. Recoilless rifles were used and vehicles, so this was no small enemy force. Appelgryn was hit in the shoulder and the round hit his shoulderblade and went into his lungs. I considered him to be one of the nicest you could meet. Ek glo nie Gert Eksteen het die storie ooit vroeer aan enige iemand vertel, voor die Maandag aand in Januarie 2004. I later heard that he died in a mine accident but I could never confirm it.

Before the men could extricate themselves, their Ratel 90 was hit and destroyed at point blank by a Soviet T-55 tank shell. Information extracted from Avontuur in Angola by Sophia du Preez (J. van Schaik 1989) My father died on 14 September 1985 on my 8th birthday, they day he was suppose to return home from the border. After passing a waterhole near a village his platoon was ambushed. When his mate got to him he told him to leave him and to help the more badly wounded chaps. A terrible accident, where one of the guys accidentally discharged his rifle one evening while all of us were sitting around chatting. Not many people know that Peter Atherton was an amateur boxer of note. n RPG, Grant Clark, nog een, dan Antonie Badenhorst en dan Luit Chris Strydom. Hy haal sy pistool uit en veg met sy linkerhand verder. Barrie's was part of the SWA forces and he along with Tillo von Brandis were send to the SA in 1986 for training.

2Lt Alves, his crew as well as 32 Bn members such as Capt Mac Mc Callum was killed instantly. In 1982 our 14 day pass came up and us mortars where sent in groups with the platoons heading state side buddies went along with one of the first groups and on his return came passed eco water tower where a group of 4 sai ,and myself where deployed, he was in good spirit having just arrived from the airport,having left eco tower the group buddies found himself with where routed to a potential contact site ,on arrival ,from what news came back via radio and the personal that where with buddies, contact was made with a group of swapo having a beer at a mud hut come beer hall ,having arrived at the scene in buffels the group gave chase on foot later returning to the vehicles buddies was apparently leaning over the side of the buffle (vehicle) he had being in on arrival,a member on the ground ,making his weapon safe let a round off ,this hit buddies ,choppers arrived to take buddies to ondungwa but it was already to late,he passed away later that night.

the tank round penetrated the Ratel through the side door, detonated in the main ammunition storage container and resulted in an explosion causing the vehicle to catch fire. Helde almal van hulle, maar medaljes word ongelukkig nie in getalle toegeken nie, al is die dapperes ook ? I never got to say goodbye that day to young so fucking wrong REST IN PEACE my old friend Stumbled onto this site by accident. We were the guys on foot chasing and when we got back the buffels arrived with some guys on board.The Ratel crew and passengers were all killed instantly in the explosion. I was there when Peter was killed in a stupid, careless accident near Jan Kempdorp. Russel was my room mate at boarding school at Klerksdorp Techinical High School in 1980, the year we wrote Matric. Tears fell from every troop and every officer at 1 Para, when the announcement of the downing was made, but you would not look any of them in the eye to witness their sadness. We all assembled on the Parade Ground and cried for Brothers, we never met, but were never-the-less Our Brothers.The burnt out Ratel was later destroyed by SADF Engineers to prevent its capture. Anderson was killed in an Eland armoured car accident near Novo Redondo in Angola, on 17 December 1975, during Operation Savannah. If there were correctly trained medics present, his death might have been avoided. We played hockey together and he was a great friend and up today we miss him. I am one of the "boys" in the photographs on 18 August 1982, standing up-right while the Last Tattoo and Reveille was played out and clearly remembering that there were no tears when Rev Moore, quoted Sir Winston Churchill's famous speech from the 2nd Word War. We volunteered for the Elite Paratroopers, and on that day, before finishing Basic Training, we were already at war, but were not yet ready to go to war. No-one cried on that Parade Ground, in front of Our Brothers Parents, while we honored our fallen Brothers.even though the rattles and mrl's served 4 months in angola as part of 32 in ops modula we hardly mentioned. I was actually staring at this guy when he let the round off, and Barnard was hit. A real rambo in base but a real coward when we were in the ambush! The driver saved our lives that day- 30 clicks from Oshigambo!we trained and lived 32 but the fallen where never put on record, just a piss up at buffalo. in southern Angola, a 32 Battalion anti-tank Ratel commanded by 2Lt J. Alves was engaged in combat with FAPLA T-55 tanks, and became bogged down in a muddy shona. Toe die gunner weer om die boom kruip skiet Gert Eksteen hom met sy pistool dood. Hy beweeg terug, waar hy Kapt Meerholz aantref met ? Hy help Meerholz so aba-aba terug na die mediese pos. The tracker told me afterwards we should have shot him. If this is the J Barnard that i served with he was killed at Epupa falls in the Kokoveld(sector 10 ) in May/ June of 1987.This incident had a severe impact on morale not to mention the poor chap who pulled the trigger, he unfortunately had to accompany Barrington in a helicopter whilst travelling with Barrington alongside him. The name is Wayne Rees 79497012BT, was also in platoon 4 on the cutline when this sad event happened. We were all taking turns to stand guard (1 hour),in a large circle,sleeping 2 in a group.

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