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The current border is a VAT and currency border at the moment.

Goods and services entailing cross border transactions require today paperwork or electronic filings to handle the different tax regimes and any currency adjustments.

The UK government is keen to keep an open border similar to the present one after Brexit. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have enjoyed a Common Travel area for many years. New UK migration controls are likely to rely on benefit controls and work permits if people wish to settle in the UK.

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He said: 'We can't move to phase two without at least a more credible understanding of how we are going to solve the issues.'We believe our asks here are fair and they are deeply held views.'We want to work with the British Government to find a sensible wording that can allow us all to move on to phase two sooner rather than later.

'Everybody recognises that there are three big issues... 'We want to be positive in terms of how we approach that but we will also be insisting on there being no fudge here so we get some real, something credible that allows us to reassure the Irish people around the border issue.' Britain has insisted it is impossible to finalise how the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic will work before UK-EU trade talks.

Mr Coveney's latest intervention came as MPs in Westminster warned it appeared impossible to reconcile the Government's decision to pull out of the single market and the customs union with its declared intention to maintain a 'frictionless' border.

The Brexit Committee said the Government's proposals for dealing with the issue, including using technology to create a 'light touch' border, were 'untested and to some extent speculative'.

But he said Mrs May was due to present a 'final offer' by Monday.

A possible solution involving sweeping new devolution to Belfast emerged yesterday.

The north of Scotland was worst affected, with temperatures dropping to minus 5C in Cairnwell, near Braemar.

Some drivers were forced to dig their cars out from a foot of snow close to Denny in Stirlingshire.'Temperatures are close to freezing and around 20cm (8in) has already fallen in parts of Northern Ireland and a similar amount in parts of Scotland.

As Mr Varadkar and Mr Tusk put on a united front, the Irish premier said the 'EU is a family and families stick together'.

In return, Mr Tusk used the joint press conference to warn: 'It is the UK that started Brexit and it is their responsibility to produce credible commitment to do what is necessary to avoid a hard border.'Mr Tusk said the EU accepted it was not possible to finalise every detail before trade talks are finalised.

Both sides want to avoid a hard border but neither has offered a mutually acceptable solution for customs controls Brexit Committee chairman Hilary Benn, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'Ministers say they don't want a border, they don't want any infrastructure.'We all agree with that, but we didn't see, as a committee, how currently that can be reconciled with the Government's decision to leave the customs union and the single market.'We call on the Government to set out more clearly how it is it thinks that this can work in practice, because it published its paper, which talks about two options - a highly streamlined customs arrangement ...


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