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This girl who lives to wear white one-piece suits or white wide-collared t-shirts plus hot pants has always been very sensitive about body fat.Recently this 160cm-tall girl kept complaining to the reporter, "I now weigh 50 kilograms!In the end, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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"Since July 2008, she has published three sets of nude photos. But all her injustices have not been vindicated yet.

This 21-year-old girl from a remote mountainous area did not attend school and held no steady job for the past four years.

I am a tranditional chinese woman who has my own faith and principles.

I love peacful life,love studing,pay attention to family.

The village party secretary explained; "Who is going to allow a plot of land to remain fallow?

" But Peng Chunping thinks that the village cadres and residents were bullying the widow and her two orphans.Although the investigation by the public security bureau showed that there was no miscarriage of justice, "she refused to believe." "This was not a family tragedy" and "this was the unfair treatment and oppression of our family by the government and society."During the process of seeking her mother and petitioning, Peng Chunping learned how to write a blog.In each blog post, she recounted the injustices done to her parents. One detail was that her father was shot three times at his execution but he did not die. She has worked in a hair salon, she has been a salesgirl, she has worked in a factory. She created user accounts at all the major Internet forums, she posted her own blogs and she supported them with hits and comments.Although she was only respectively four months and seven days old and nine years old during those two incidents, Peng Chunping said that her mother told her all this and her mother would never lie to her.As for the disappearance of her mother, Peng Chunping also thinks that it was the government's fault.But according to the police file at the Lufeng county public security bureau, on the evening of November 13, 1988, the father Peng Chaogui had an argument with neighbors and set village houses on fire.


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