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Many more thoughts creep into his head as the ceremony goes on. Holy fuck Arthur, I won.” And, somewhat amazingly, I thought, there is a conclusion to the story, to the contest.

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In a stroke of marketing genius, this album teased the audience with the idea of finally seeing who was under these “masks” (which is weird since everyone knew they weren’t wearing masks, but whatever). I always joke about Kiss doing a tour and playing “Shandi.” It’s such a cheesy ballad and yet I think it’s really good (for a cheesy ballad–Paul sings this type of song so well).

There’s even a poster that came with my vinyl copy! I constantly have the “there’s another mess I’ve got myself in” line in my head all the time.

For indeed, his songs are not cheery by any stretch. I know the first song, “Black Leaf,” from his Tiny Desk Concert. When it ends, he says: I guess it’s probably my duty to warn you….

No one should be complaining, least of all me in this black suit.” And, despite his tone, he is not above making jokes with his audience.

In fact, they could have re-released it in the 80s and it would have fit right in with their non-makeup success–Paul’s soaring choruses are always a hit. It’s interesting how much Ace moved into prominence on these albums, especially since he was headed for the door soon.

“Easy as it Seems” is kind of the album encapsulated in one song–very sleek, very soft, lots of choruses vocals and really kind of bland. “Two Sides of the Coin,” is a decent rocker, but listen to those crazy synth drums during the instrumental break.

The song and sentiment are beautiful with plaintive lap steel guitar: “I will remember I will remember I will remember you… I’m a very dynamic performer and I need this kind of environment so… I really like John Paul White’s music and I’d love to see him live in a quiet sit down club..

but I will cry for you no more.” He continues, “So it’s said that festival crowds… [: June 24, 2017] “It’s a Summer Day” I know Andrew Sean Greer from a few Mc Sweeney’s books.

I liked “What makes the World Go ‘Round” but even I can acknowledge that the song is pretty poor.


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