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There isn’t a whole lot of action in Laos but if you want to find girls for sex in Vientiane it is possible.

He will get a cut from the brothel for bringing you there and that is his motivation.

While this may not be the safest thing in the world the odds are definitely in your favor that you will make it out alive.

Like we said, not a big scene here which is why this Vientiane sex guide isn’t near as long as most big cities in Southeast Asia.

You can also head to the area around the night market.

Stick to the main touristy area or near the Mekong River where much of the nightlife is located.

It may not always be easy to spot a prostitute, but if a girl is out in the nightlife and appears to possibly be working you can politely inquire.This is a very conservative country, and while this is the capitol it isn’t a huge city.For a vacation it is alright, for a mongering vacation there really is no point in going.There are better spots to find girls in Southeast Asia for sure.The easiest ways to find girls for sex in Vientiane will be to look for freelance prostitutes at bars, try to get a happy ending massage, ask a tuk tuk driver to take you to a brothel, or meet hookers online.We aren’t going to do a full section on karaoke but you can find girls for sex in Vientiane at Mekong Karaoke.

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