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A Vietnamese paleoanthropologist characterized Vietnamese fossils. To him, there was a clear progression from Australoid or Melanesian (20,000 YBP) to SE Asian of today, with a lot of classic Oriental type input from China to the north.

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Tourism is a growing industry in the Inuit economy.

Many Inuit derive part-time income from their sculpture, carving, and other crafts as well as hunting.

Inuit and Aleut are considered separate from other Native Americans.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, and even after their arrival since their homeland was so inhospitable, Inuit lived a traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle of subsistence hunting and fishing, with the extended family as the unit of society, their own form of laws passed on through oral tradition, and a spiritual belief system of rituals that were integrated into the daily life of the people.

Also, trying to get the last scraps does tend to involve some of those “pushing” violations.

According to this article, that rule is all but dead.

This is a sore issue between me and my extremely uptight, ultra-White family. They’ve always insisted that my table manners are atrocious. No one else has ever remarked on them except for one Black girlfriend, who was one of the most uptight people I’ve ever met. My father being dead is not a good thing, but I am glad I don’t have to listen to his table manners crap anymore.

I actually don’t like slobs either, and I am White, culturally and obviously, but I think that at some point you are just too White. The only one I looked up about was the “always leave a bit of food on your table.” The version I learned was the White genteel version that says you leave some food on your plate to show you’re not a pig.

The Inuit people live throughout most of the Canadian Arctic and subarctic: in the territory of Nunavut (“our land”); the northern third of Quebec, in an area called Nunavik (“place to live”); the coastal region of Labrador, in an area called Nunatsiavut (“Our Beautiful Land”); in various parts of the Northwest Territories, mainly on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and the Yukon territory.


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