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Change it to ‘Home’, or type in the name of any sim in Second Life (it’s handy to have a few names of quiet sims to choose from at moments like this, so if you find one, note it down somewhere).When you login, you’ll be at whatever location you chose.

5 – Following on from #3 and #4 the quickest way to teleport to your Home location is the keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT H.

6 – Many of the Welcome Areas (which are where you will land when you leave Help Island, and which will be set as your Home location) contain griefers (people who get their kicks from harrassing newbies).

’ sign until you have several landmarks for locations.

Discard the ones for Ahern and Waterhead, as those are two of the worst for griefing. 7 – Ladies, be aware that choosing a female avatar will make many men gravitate toward you, even on Help Island just seconds after you first arrive in Second Life.

11 – If you come across red lines saying ‘NO ENTRY’ or you’re bounced away from somewhere or get sent a blue dropdown flag saying you have tried to enter a banned area, don’t take it personally.

People value their privacy in SL, and can set their land to bar entry to everyone except themselves or their friends if they wish. Add Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody to your Steam wishlist and send a screenshot to yeahjamfury [email protected] a chance to win a copy of the game! Scroll to the bottom for additional suggestions, credited to those that suggested them :) Just a list, as the items have come to me.No doubt the number of items will increase (got something you think should be on the list? ) Hop behind the cut, for 30 things every newbie should know before starting Second Life.has in those rare damage-enabled areas) is that you will be teleported to wherever your Home location is set.Most people don’t check the names above other’s heads when they first arrive, but they .


  1. Just log on and you'll soon find out how simple it is.

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  3. In Section 2, we will go through the components of the compensation package and discuss the tax consequences of each.

  4. But Frind ensures the company is constantly evolving.

  5. Our Client Needs Analysis and subsequent marketing recommendations are based on one of the leading marketing books of all time: “Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind” by Jack Trout and Al Ries.

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