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If you were already on port 80, then do this process in reverse.

Process Request Notification(Int Ptr man ged Http Context, Int Ptr native Request Context, Int Ptr module Data, Int32 flags) at System. From a command prompt, type the following: This will reconfigure WSUS back to port 8530.

Clients are Win7 x64 SP1, server is Win2008 x86 SP2 Our workstations use a standard image, so there is minimal difference between systems.

The process w3on the server spikes to very high CPU for extended periods of time.

I deleted the softwaredistribution folder, forced the client to detect and report, used the Microsoft fixit tool, all that garbage.

The Solarwinds tool told me everything was good to go, I had no DNS issues and no problems contacting IIS on the server from anywhere.

NET component) having issues with the WSUS application pool.

Process Request Notification Helper(Int P r managed Http Context, Int Ptr native Request Context, Int Ptr module Data, Int32 fl gs) at System. The event errors in the screenshot below turned me on to the problem: These errors in the event log were related to the Windows Process Activation Service (a . Invoke(Object obj, Binding Flags invo e Attr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, Culture Info culture) at System. Execute Step(IExecution Step step, Boolean& com leted Synchronously) at System. I installed the WSUS roles from Server Manager and everything was working smoothly within a few minutes.That is because Kaspersky don’t use a web installer that downloads only the latest files, nor regularly push out an updated installer that contains the latest virus definitions.Their geo-located servers can definitely help to speed up the transfer for users at some parts of the world but unfortunately not for users located in Malaysia. Runtime Method Handle._Invoke Method Fast(Object target, Object[] arg ments, Signature Struct& sig, Method Attributes method Attributes, Runtime Type Han le type Owner) at System. Invoke Method Fast(Object target, Object[] argu ents, Signature sig, Method Attributes method Attributes, Runtime Type Handle type wner) at System.


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