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automatic updates updating your computer is almost complete-24

NET component) having issues with the WSUS application pool.

Process Request Notification Helper(Int P r managed Http Context, Int Ptr native Request Context, Int Ptr module Data, Int32 fl gs) at System. The event errors in the screenshot below turned me on to the problem: These errors in the event log were related to the Windows Process Activation Service (a .

I deleted the softwaredistribution folder, forced the client to detect and report, used the Microsoft fixit tool, all that garbage.

The Solarwinds tool told me everything was good to go, I had no DNS issues and no problems contacting IIS on the server from anywhere.

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That is because Kaspersky don’t use a web installer that downloads only the latest files, nor regularly push out an updated installer that contains the latest virus definitions.

Their geo-located servers can definitely help to speed up the transfer for users at some parts of the world but unfortunately not for users located in Malaysia.

First things first, make sure that KB2720211 is installed on the WSUS server. If any of your clients updated directly from Microsoft, they will have this update already and will be unable to communicate with your WSUS server (checking for updates from Microsoft on the WSUS server will give you this update if the WSUS role is installed). For some reason, reinstalling the role configured it improperly.

Mgd Indicate Completion(Int Ptr p Handle , Request Notification Status& notification Status) at System. Uninstalling the WSUS role made these errors go away, but reinstalling the role made them come back again (that's how I knew they were caused by WSUS and not from other web services on this server).

Clients are Win7 x64 SP1, server is Win2008 x86 SP2 Our workstations use a standard image, so there is minimal difference between systems.


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