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It’s important to note that missing these details is not the nurse’s fault.Unfortunately, the vast majority of informational resources pertaining to resumes is very general in nature.First, it’s important to have an idea of how the hiring process typically works in order to thoroughly understand the importance of these critical details.

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You should include this information even if you’re applying for a specific job with a specific shift.

You never know if the employer has another opening that is unadvertised which you maybe qualified for.

Are you open to working 8, 10, and/or 12 hour shifts?

Are you open to working Days, Mids, PMs, and/or Nocs?

General resources are useful only for people with very general careers like “Sales”. Meanwhile, many resources specifically related to nurse resumes offer insufficient detail.

Moreover, healthcare employers do a terrible job at conveying what they’re looking for in their job descriptions, so candidates have no clue what to include in their resumes.

As healthcare recruiters, we reviewed thousands of nursing resumes.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of them were missing multiple details that were important to the Nurse Managers and Nurse Supervisors who were largely responsible for making the hiring decisions.

Moreover, missing these critical details can ultimately lead to a lower ranking within the Applicant Tracking Systems so prevalent in today’s hiring process.


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