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“As long as these websites are around, paid sites will suffer.”The industry also took a hit when another technological advance ended up going completely bust: 3D.Studios thought 3D content would help bring in new paid subscribers that had gotten used to free porn.

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Two of the industry's three most powerful VR headsets -- the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive -- are currently for sale, but preorders are backed up for months.

Oculus also created the mobile-phone powered Gear VR with Samsung, but its power is limited compared to its full-grown cousin.

“Free porn is the primary reason the industry is in the shape it's in.

The number two concern is piracy, but Tube sites are free to browse and don't ask for logins,” says Alec Helmy, the founder and publisher of Xbiz, a business news website for the sex industry.

Sure, you can always slap most smartphones inside a Google Cardboard for less than $10 -- but that’s a limited experience that proves you truly get what you pay for.

And in any case, many virtual reality porn purveyors want the experience to extend beyond headsets -- into more experimental tech that adds touch to the experience.

The technology is having the most public beta test possible right now; all kinds of people -- game developers, filmmakers, the usual marketing rabble -- are trying to figure exactly how to strike gold inside the virtual space.

VR dominated the conversation at SXSW, CES and even Sundance -- but most of what was on display amounted to flashy demos. And there also aren’t enough people who can really take advantage of the VR movies and games that do exist.

Since then, porn has been attributed with helping to push everything from streaming video to easy payment systems into the mainstream -- pioneering those newfangled ideas in the mid-'90s to early 2000s, long before they became ubiquitous.


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