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This is because PCLinux OS retains the “xorg.conf” settings file in the /etc/X11 directory.Once I removed it, my resolution became 1400×1050 – a little high, but easier to deal with. There are about 40 games and over 80 other programs installed, in categories from Archiving and File Tools. If you are in school, or have a child who is, you will be pleased to find that PCLinux OS apparently installs the entire KDE-edu package – about 20 specialized math and science applicationss!I’m using the old Gateway M460 laptop for this review, with 2 GB of RAM and an integrated graphics card.

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There is also a KDE Mini Me, a MATE edition, one with the LXDE Desktop, and finally one called “Fully Monty” which is KDE again, but really large ( 4 GB).

In this review, I’m going to look at both the KDE Full edition and the KDE Mini Me one.

The value of providing a “password strength” check is questioned by some people, but it’s a useful feature in my opinion – especially for the less-savvy folks who I think are the main target audience for PCLinux OS.

Your wireless security password is carried through to post-installation, which is nice.

KMy Money could easily be put in the “Office” category” Software Some of the programs installed include: Skype, Calibre, TVTime, VLC, Juk music player, a radio station player, GIMP, Hugin, Inkscape, Image Magick, Choqok (a Twitter client), KMy Money, and the entire Libre Office suite (6 programs).

There’s a link to install Oracle’s Virtualbox if you want.

PCLinux OS uses the Synaptic package manager to install and remove programs; they use an rpm version of apt-get on the backend.

Java and most media codecs come installed out of the box; you can watch You Tube, Hulu, or Apple movie trailers.

Likes – Runs fine on older hardware – LOTS of programs installed.

– virtual desktops shown by default Dislikes – the menu could be a bit more sensibly organized.

Mega Glest, Freeciv, Battle for Wesnoth, Widelands, Open TTD, and many more await you.


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