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Neighbor Joan Hargrave called the killing "an execution." "This is a tragedy — that someone who's asking for help would call the police and get shot by the police," Mr Hargrave said.

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If a body camera is not running before use of force, it's supposed to be turned on as soon as it's safe to do so.

Ms Damond's death is the latest high-profile police shooting in the Twin Cities area in recent years.

The lawsuit claims Mr Noor and the other officers violated the woman's rights when they entered her home without permission and Mr Noor grabbed her wrist and upper arm.

He relaxed his grip when the woman said she had a previous shoulder injury, the lawsuit says.

Investigators were still trying to determine whether other video exists.

It's not clear why the officers' body cameras were not on.

Audio has emerged of the moments surrounding the fatal shooting of an Australian spiritual healer and meditation coach by police in an alley behind her home in Minneapolis.

Justine Damond, also known as Justine Ruszczyk before she took on the last name of her husband, who she had plans to marry next month, was shot and killed by a police officer after she called 911 to report an assault near her home.

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