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I began to revise and update this webpage in March of 2014.

This webpage will focus entirely on Taijiquan cane or walking stick arts, practices, history, and forms.

Taiji cane forms are typically performed slowly and deliberately.

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Hard and powerful strikes are seldom used in T'ai Chi Ch'uan walking stick forms. Taiji cane forms are particularly suitable for fit persons over 50 years of age. There are also many examples of more vigorous "Taiji" cane forms, with hard strikes, leaps, fast moves, spins, and low moves.

The pace of the Taijiquan cane forms are seldom fast and vigorous. Good examples of a Taiji Cane Form are: the Standard Beijing 24 Form with Cane created by Master Wen-Ching Wu; the Eight Immortals Cane Form, Part I, created by Master Jesse Tsao; the Plum Blossom Taiji Cane Form; the Tai Chi Stick 18 Form; the Bodhi Dharma Walking Stick Form; Master Michael Gilman's Three Powers Cane Form; the Wu Tang Cane Form of Master T. Taijiquan saber or broadsword forms are readily adapted for use with a cane, and some are fast and vigorous.

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