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We receive these messages both when we have better accuracy for a current location, or the device has moved.

These messages can also come in quickly one after the other, or as a trickle.

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In the Linked Frameworks and Libraries section, click the “ ” icon to add a new framework.

Find the The first method will be called when Core Location has new location data for us to process.

The distance Filter property of the location manager allows applications to specify the amount of distance the device location must change before an update is triggered.

If, for example, the distance filter is set to 100 meters the application will only receive a location update when the device travels 100 meters or more from the location of the last update.

In a nutshell we need to: First thing, we must create a new View-based Application project.

This is expected from you, so I am not explaining it here.

Of course, there are other delegate methods as well, but they more relevant to higher level i OS development. Now, we also need a way to store where we are currently located.

Since there’s no guarantee of when we’ll be told of our location, we need to store this information for the times when we need to reference it. We also need to keep track of our Core Location manager instance.

You use the classes and protocols in this framework to configure and schedule the delivery of location and heading events.

You can also use it to define geographic regions and monitor when the user crosses the boundaries of those regions.

All this depends on the developer, how he wants to handle it.

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