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I googled goosebumps for validation and found this….

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I have also been feeling a lot of pressure or tingling at the top of my head – I have begun to reflect inward in hopes of learning more about these sensations.

I work with crystals and meditate quite frequently.

I don’t know if it’s a past life event or something to come but I was trying to tease arch something to help me understand. Reply I was sitting alone on my bed on the phone when I felt what felt like a tug or someone brush up against my arm..

I thought my dog was around and jumped on my bed but no dog..instantly knew it had to be something else.. my face got hot and I felt an unusual vibe in my room.

ALSO, when I AM thinking about something I get chills when I get the correct answer.. 🙁 I know I AM supposed to use them I just haven’t figured out how to use and develop them and not offend GOD. Reply Hello i have had these chills my whole life and a high pitch ring in my ears.

I can ask and the chills get intense when I get to the correct answer in my head. I havent really paid attn until about 3 years ago when i got baptized but it usually happens when im questioning things.

Afterwards I knew something was with me, i felt it hovering and my goosebumps continued.

I felt a burst of energy and cooked a delicious and healthy meal and later sat down to meditate but the vibe was too powerful, I felt uneasy and struggled with relaxing perhaps because I knew I wasn’t alone but I couldn’t see anything with my own eyes however the energy was there…

If you’ve anymore information or helpful suggestions please do let me know.

Best, Alexandria C Reply Melanie, My older sister just passed away from a long illness.

Reply I get goosebumps when I hear that someone has died. I got it a lot when I lost my mum 12 years ago and it still continues.


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