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Edward III had two sons A1 & B1 (see below) A1) Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence (1338-1368) m.

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1) John, 7th Lord Clifford (1388-1422, descended from Edward I), and had A5) Mary Clifford (c.1420-by 1458) m.

Sir Philip Wentworth of Nettlestead (1424-1464), and had A6) Sir Henry Wentworth of Nettlestead (1448-1499) m.

3) Sir Edward Stanhope of Rampton (1469-1511), and had B6) Anne Stanhope (c.1510-1587) m.

1) Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset (see A8 above) Likely it was Tom Noel's stepmother Countess Ligonier who smoothed things over between her husband Viscount Wentworth and his impulsive son, for Tom named his firstborn child, which followed nine months after his wedding, 'Mary' in his stepmother's honour.

There, Tom and Elizabeth 'Betsy' Liddell, the 21-year-old eldest sister of the baronet, fell in love. 1940 Heathfield House, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, only dau. William Elford Adams of Aberdeen (1822-1856) and Anna Maria Bannerman (1829-1904, descended from James I of Scotland), and had issue, six sons and seven daughters.

Thinking that Viscount Wentworth would settle a generous inheritance on his only son, the dowager Lady Liddell encouraged the romance.

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This blog's focus is on medieval and peerage genealogy.

The Boy I shall educate well, & inculcate into him that his future livelihood must depend on some profession he may chuse." Viscount Wentworth stayed true to his word, sending his son to Rugby School in Warwickshire, where, in his last half-year, his father proudly wrote that Tom had "grown a devilish handsome strapping fellow." In April 1792, Viscount Wentworth sent his son to his own alma mater, Christ Church Oxford, and Tom Noel seems by that point to have decided on the career of a clergyman, for he was baptized in the Anglican church two days prior to his admission.


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