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Edward III had two sons A1 & B1 (see below) A1) Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence (1338-1368) m.

1) Lady Elizabeth de Burgh (1332-1363, descended from Edward I), and had A2) Lady Philippa Plantagenet of Clarence (1355-1377) m.

Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March (1352-1381), and had A3) Lady Elizabeth Mortimer (1371-1417) m. 1919 West Norwood, son of Johann Georg Schuler of Stuttgart and Friedrike Regine Menninger, and had issue, six sons and four daughters.

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Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby"In my foolish notions of right and wrong I have always thought Tom Noel unhappy, or unhappiest in being situated as dependant where by dint of a few words from infallible Church said over his parental congress, he needed not to have recurred to her for tithes instead of the nine remaining parts of ye property." - Lord Byron, December 1822. Thomas Noel, rector of Kirkby Mallory, is one of the rare instances of an illegitimate child of a peer receiving mention in Burke's Peerage (107th Edn., 2003, p. Conceived four months after his father had succeeded as 2nd Viscount Wentworth of Wellesborough, and born at the end of 1775, Tom lived with his sister Anna Catherine, six years his senior, and their mother Anna Caterina van Loo, the Belgian-born Catholic mistress of Viscount Wentworth, for the first six years of his life, until his mother's death in 1781.

"My chief anxiety is about the poor Children," Viscount Wentworth wrote to his aunt Mary Noel (1725-1802) two days later, "which are truly dear to me, & as fine ones as can be...

And my blog connected with it chronicles my experiences researching in English history. ROBERT RALPH NOEL of Brompton, Middlesex, Leicestershire Regiment Militia, phrenologist, bap.

I hope people will enjoy it for the research itself, but also for my perspective on it.

"Tom has Stole a Match with Kitty Smith" and "must lie in the bed he had made for himself," Viscount Wentworth reported to his sister Judith Milbanke.

Catherine Smith was the 22-year-old daughter of Holled Smith, a Leicestershire attorney who had died the previous summer.

1) John, 7th Lord Clifford (1388-1422, descended from Edward I), and had A5) Mary Clifford (c.1420-by 1458) m.

Sir Philip Wentworth of Nettlestead (1424-1464), and had A6) Sir Henry Wentworth of Nettlestead (1448-1499) m.

2) Anne Stanhope (see B6 below), and had A9) Lady Elizabeth Seymour (1550-1602) m. Darell Jervis (1713-1740), and had A15) Holled Smith of Normanton Turville Hall (1732-1795) m.

Sir Richard Knightley of Fawsley Hall (1533-1615, descended from Edward I), and had A10) Sir Seymour Knightley of Norton (1580-1640) m. 1633), and had A11) Anne Knightley (c.1620-1699) m. Jonathan Holled of Cottingham (1612-1680), and had A12) Rev. Elizabeth Grace (1738-1786), and had A16) Catherine Smith (1773-1832), first wife of Rev.

There, Tom and Elizabeth 'Betsy' Liddell, the 21-year-old eldest sister of the baronet, fell in love. 1940 Heathfield House, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, only dau. William Elford Adams of Aberdeen (1822-1856) and Anna Maria Bannerman (1829-1904, descended from James I of Scotland), and had issue, six sons and seven daughters.


  1. 16mm, color, sound (English); two versions: 28 min. Directed by Carlos Vilardebo in collaboration with André Bac, Marcel Beau, Jacques Decerf and Anne-Marie Cotret; narrated by Alexander Calder; music provided by Louisa Calder from various recordings. Produced, directed and written by Jean-Marie Drot; narrated by Jean-Marie Drot and Ed Wegman (NET). (Calder 1966, 49–50) Spring: Calder attends night classes in drawing with Clinton Balmer at the New York Public School on Forty-second Street.

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  6. These reserves are, for the most part, in remote and barren areas where poverty, malnutrition, and mortality are worse than in the cities.

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