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The terrorist group is known to have captured and sexually abused at least 63 women in Libya so far, while many more have been sexually abused by smugglers or forced into prostitution.

The research concluded that the link between sexual violence, trafficking and terrorism is underexplored, calling for the British Government to create an international legal taskforce to work with NGOs, charities, and embassies on the ground to better track the overlap.

But the Soufan group says it is inevitable that some will want to continue waging violent jihad.

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The main hotspots include Libya, where Isis is among countless armed groups kidnapping, ransoming and forcing migrants into labour, with many later fleeing over the Mediterranean to Europe.

Niger and Nigeria are also key trafficking hubs, while in the Middle East Isis’ territories in Syria and Iraq are major hotspots.

Nikita Malik, the report’s author and a senior research fellow, said the sectors are routinely treated separately by different global agencies but are increasingly interlinked.

“Terrorists are traffickers and traffickers are criminals, so it’s only natural that these groups will work together,” she added.

Libya, which sits at the nexus of trafficking routes from sub-Saharan Africa, could be examined by the International Criminal Court but the body has no jurisdiction over Isis territories where crimes are taking place in Iraq and Syria.

Migrants have toldof their horrific experiences being detained, ransomed and forced into labour in the country, which remains at war six years after the UK led a military intervention against Muammar Gaddafi.

Prakash has been accused by the Federal Government of links to attack plans in Australia and appeared in IS propaganda urging terror attacks in Australia.

Meanwhile, the Soufan report said some IS fighters had already gone on to join militant groups in the Philippines, Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Afghanistan, and Libya.

A letter from the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council warned that Isis and its affiliates were “using sexual violence as a tactic of terrorism to advance their strategic and ideological objectives” last year.

“Victims of sexual violence should be considered victims of terrorism, and those responsible must be held to account and prosecuted,” said Ban Ki-moon.

The Soufan Group said in a report — titled Beyond The Caliphate: Foreign Fighters and the Threat of Returnees — released overnight that the potential return of unknown numbers of foreign fighters represents a huge challenge for law enforcement agencies.

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