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Directed by Alan Rudolph, from a slapdash story he co-wrote with producer Zalman King (which surely qualifies as one of the most unlikely creative partnerships in film history), this high-energy cinematic jam is a raucous, disjointed goof. Alan Rudolph's film attempts to tap into the same manic anarchy of pictures like "Rock 'n' Roll High School".

Alas, what's lacking in "Roadie" is the goofy energy of Alan Arkush's film.

Plenty of surprises and interesting appearances by the band Blondie, along with others including Alice Cooper.

The voluntary lineup change came directly from Dwayne Wade, who talked Tyronn Lue into moving him into the second unit. Swish has had his moments this season, but hasn’t gotten into any real rhythm off the bench – shooting just 33 percent from the floor, just over 15 percent from long-range. Jose Calderon was relatively ineffective in Saturday’s spot-start and Iman Shumpert started the second half in his place – turning in the second-highest scoring total of his career as a Cav, finishing with 21 points on 5-for-6 shooting from beyond the arc.

Calderon is listed as the starter for Tuesday night’s matchup, but Coach Lue will reveal his call closer to gametime The Portis-Mirotic incident shook the NBA – and the Bulls organization.

What does work is an affable turn by Meat Loaf as Travis, world's handiest roadie, and Kaki Hunter as the bubbly virginal groupie, Lola.

What doesn't work are unmemorable musical performances by Alice Cooper, Blondie, Hank Williams Jr., Asleep at the Wheel, and Roy Orbison.

The Bulls come to town having dropped their first two and the Cavaliers are looking to make it three before heading out for a two-game roadie in Brooklyn and the Big Easy.

Going into the fourth game of the season, the Cavs have made a pair of lineup changes – one voluntary and one most definitely not. Smith, who’s started 157 regular season games as a Cavalier, will regain his starter’s spot on Tuesday night against Chicago. The involuntary lineup change is the absence of Derrick Rose, who sprained his left ankle late on Friday night in Milwaukee and, per Coach Lue, will miss about another week.

Meat Loaf single-handedly saves concerts by Hank Williams Jr.

and Roy Orbison (who duet on "The Eyes of Texas") and Blondie (who crank up "Ring of Fire") as well. --Sean Axmaker Having viewed a lot of rock 'n' roll films they don't necessarily have to make sense as long as they stay true to their own skewed logic.

The movie also has live singing from alice cooper, blondie, hank williams jr, asleep at the wheel and roy orbison. And the DVD came without any label art on it, which was kind of disappointing, but not much.

Art carney is hilarious playing the role of travis redfish's father. I mean, come on, I'm buying a movie about a Texan named Travis W. But go ahead -- be dazzled by the soundtrack and the cast dangled before you like a tempting doobie. The script is puerile and silly, and the film is nearly unwatchable. Oh, well -- if you look it up somewhere on the internet, you can find out. Don't let the cover art fool you...there is really nothing like that in the movie.

Favorite scenes for me included Debbie Harry of Blondie who performs nicely in this somewhat muddied effort. I ordered this fantastic movie used from amazon last week and it came yesterday and watched it today! Travis signs with a traveling rock band and becomes known as the greatest roadie of all time.


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