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As part of a 2x2 experimental design, subjects were asked to read a transcript and evaluate a negotiator named either Jo Anna or Andrew who either does or does not engage in small talk at the outset of a negotiation.

At issue is whether the department of parks (represented by Jo Anna/Andrew) or the department of libraries (represented by someone of undisclosed gender named Riley Mc Gee) will gain possession of a parcel of town land.

August 4, 2014For more information, contact: Ben Haimowitz, 1 (718) 398-7642 or 1 (917) 903-9287, [email protected] common feature of what may be the world's most fundamental business activity -- participating in negotiations -- seems to be a boon for men but not for women. 1-5) finds that men who engage in small talk before getting down to business, compared to those who launch right into the matter at hand, not only make a much more favorable impression but get better results as well.

In contrast, women negotiators seem to gain little if anything from such niceties. " finds, in the words of the authors, that "engaging in small talk enhanced perceptions of communality, liking, and satisfaction with the relationship in men but not women.

Founded in 1936, the Academy of Management is the largest organization in the world devoted to management research and teaching. This year's annual meeting will draw some 10,000 scholars and practitioners for sessions on a host of subjects relating to business strategy, organizational behavior, corporate governance, careers, human resources, technology development, and other management-related topics.

Small Talk Pays Off for Male Negotiators Next time your male coworker walks into a meeting and wants to get straight to business, you might want to tell him to rethink his strategy.

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