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Nothing compares to the eye-opening experiences of meeting people who have a very different life from ours.

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This event is taking place from Thursday, April 26 to Sunday, Apr 29, 2018.

On-site registration/check-in will open on Thursday, April 26, at pm. We recommend riding in on Thursday and leaving on Sunday, and participating fully in the activities in between to make the most of your HU experience.

If a (self-described) fat 70-year-old man can do it, so can you!

MERRILL GLOS bought his first motorcycle in 1972 and has traveled in more than 50 countries, including to Ushuaia and back, Prudhoe Bay, a RTW and Cuba in 2017.

There will be presentations and tech clinics on Thursday evening; Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings; and Saturday afternoon and evening. Throughout the meeting, we’ll offer talks, demonstrations, and other fun sessions, including interesting ride-out opportunities.

In addition to hearing inspiring stories of overland adventure from around the world, you'll learn how to prepare for your journey, navigation tips, first-aid basics, photography, and a host of other essential topics.

So, imagine navigating through the chaos of Bangkok at a snail’s pace and the smells-sights-sounds of this extremely congested foreign world.

Imagine sipping an unrecognizable beverage with herders in the vast expanses of the Saharan Desert, revel in the harshness, feel the squeak of sand under boot and tire, and the extreme isolation.

He says, "I'm now 72 and it's time to down size." What's next?

Not one for selfies, Dick takes you on his most recent journey through Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Russia and China.

They shipped the bikes to Los Angeles and continued through to Mexico and Belize before returning to the USA. Cultural Challenges in International Travel You will interact with many cultures while traveling by motorcycle.


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  3. The Republic of Korea (South Korea) was established on 15 August 1948.

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