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The fact that you even have to think about these questions means it’s too soon.

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Rachel: OK, you're whiney, you are, you're obsessive, you are insecure, you're, you're gutless, you know, you don't ever, you don't just sort of seize the day, you know.

You like me for what, a year, you didn't do anything about it. God, that would be like telling Monica, "Hey, you like things clean", or telling Joey, "Hey, you're gay." Rachel: What?!

Many things in life are not what they want and they didn’t hold that against God, so neither would they hold wayward children against that perspective either.

Ben believe that abortion is murder, why do so many of them choose to protest peacefully and non-violently?

Better make it a spaceship so that you can get back to your home planet!

There comes a time during every budding romance when you look up your potential sweetie on Facebook. Yet you should pause when it comes to including a romantic prospect.We’re free to reveal what we want when we think it’s the right time.Social media wrecks this delicate “need to know” dynamic. You wouldn’t think twice if she gave you the report during your Taco Tuesday date. Now you’re wondering why she didn’t mention if before.2) It makes dating other people even more awkward than it already is. You also noticed that he recently became friends with someone named Ashley.Even though you that your match is probably seeing other people during those first few weeks or months of dating, it still feels like torture thinking about it. Following your match on social media and wondering who’s with him. Now you find yourself checking out profile page and wondering who she is.Also, your parents can tell themselves that maybe you’ll come around and that your current doubts are all part of God’s master plan.


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  4. It’s tough to keep track of all the relevant events, pertinent ties, key statements, and unraveling claims.

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