Updating old farmhouse plumbing

It’s one of the “special” cabins of the park system—not a standard blond, knotty pine cabin but a house that accommodates two families for only slightly more than the price of a regular modern cabin.

Sadly, some liability-shy state official decided to disable the gorgeous wood stove in the “rec” room of the cabin, so it stood there, empty and cold when we could have most enjoyed it. It’s just not cozy, with its second, fake fireplace and too-long proportions.

Having just given birth at the age of 41, I didn’t think I’d be getting to Guam or Alaska very easily, so I embarked upon hiking all the Pennsylvania State Parks. The list includes parks in which my ex-husband, son and I (and sometimes my daughter) hiked, camped in, which an occasional drive-through on the way to other parks.

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Unlike the other state park cabins that allow one to wake in the woods, gaze at the unobstructed sky and occupy the stillness, this one is on the road in a scruffy rural area so it’s sort of the worst combination of the country and development.

Nonetheless, we had an idyllically restful weekend with our friends and the three boys.

Daniela and David bravely drove in late that night and we all woke to a dreamy, fluffy wonderland, with the snow still coming down in extravagant clusters.

We drove the kids up to the mountaintop, where there is a commercial ski lodge, but it was still blizzarding and just too blustery for the children.

(There are also assorted Pennsylvania state on the official map that the PA park service publishes.) At that time, the count was 92 parks out of 118 parks.

(We subsequently visited Keystone, Yellow Creek and Prince Gallitzin – coming back from the Redd’s Mill graveyard on March 18, 2010.

To see the options go to us/stateparks/recreation/Beltzville State Park May 29, 2004 – after false start, hiked Christman Trail near Beltzville St. First there is mown meadow then springy packed Hemlock needles. It was a sun-drenched early autumn day with the light just starting to slant low and reflect off the creek and hemlocks as we finished up the hike. w=229&h=300" alt="" width="229" height="300" srcset="https://adrienneredd.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/beltzville-state-park-september-25-2010.jpg? w=229&h=300 229w, https://adrienneredd.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/beltzville-state-park-september-25-2010.jpg? w=458&h=600 458w, https://adrienneredd.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/beltzville-state-park-september-25-2010.jpg? w=115&h=150 115w" sizes="(max-width: 229px) 100vw, 229px" / At Beltzville, in September 2010, we saw a baby timber rattlesnake on the trail, the wild first poisonous snake I have seen in more than 40 years of hiking (though I have seen them at educational programs at parks). Benjamin Rush State Park – in Philadelphia – an “undeveloped park” off of Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia proper. The plots are allocated in March and then your proximity to water increased each year that you work a plot.

Bendigo State Park – visited June 15, 2006 – nothing to do with Wendigos (Ojibwe zombies); it’s named for the Biblical pseudonym of an Irish boxer who accidentally killed an opponent and fled to the U. Here there is a manifestation of how community gardens are handled in Germany, which is that people not only plant vegetables but they use the gardens as a place to socialize on summer evenings.

So, we all played in the front yard of the cabin, coming in for freshly baked cookies and going back out to play, and going back out to play.


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