Updating old farmhouse plumbing

Blue Knob State Park—we stayed in the Twin Fawn Cabin December 18, 19 and 20, 2009 with Daniela Krausz, David Fernandez and Daniela’s sons, Daniel and Alexander.

Having just given birth at the age of 41, I didn’t think I’d be getting to Guam or Alaska very easily, so I embarked upon hiking all the Pennsylvania State Parks. The list includes parks in which my ex-husband, son and I (and sometimes my daughter) hiked, camped in, which an occasional drive-through on the way to other parks.

On Wednesday night March 16, 2010, at the Lakeside Lodge in Raccoon Creek State Park, one of the two or three western-most parks of Pennsylvania’s park system, I was close to completing the tour of all the Pennsylvania State Parks (using the map that the park system provides) and this journal.

Big Pocono State Park—we took Adrienne’s dad (and his dog, Jotto) to Columcille and then to Big Pocono on July 19, 2008.

At Big Pocono, Arkady found a nest full of baby sparrows at the fire tower at Big Pocono and held one in his hand.

It’s one of the “special” cabins of the park system—not a standard blond, knotty pine cabin but a house that accommodates two families for only slightly more than the price of a regular modern cabin.

Sadly, some liability-shy state official decided to disable the gorgeous wood stove in the “rec” room of the cabin, so it stood there, empty and cold when we could have most enjoyed it. It’s just not cozy, with its second, fake fireplace and too-long proportions.Here is the alphabetical, but not chronological list: Archbald Pothole State Park – in Lackawanna County, nine miles north of Scranton – we backtracked on the way home from Syracuse on December 27bald,” like Arkady’s name in English.Say “Archbald”—with just two syllables Bald Eagle State Park June 20, 2005 – we strolled in the meadow here on our 2 ½ day trip to central PA.We choose the “Butterfly Trail” and Arkady (our son, born January 19, 2003) walked on his own for one of his first times, chasing butterflies, scaring frogs splashing into the pond, picking up June bugs and finding a fragment of robin’s egg.Arkady was two years old in the picture on the left, a memento of one of first times that he did most of his own hiking without being carried.So, we all played in the front yard of the cabin, coming in for freshly baked cookies and going back out to play, and going back out to play.

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