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Once inside, she peels away to finish getting ready, and Spencer casually walks in, on his phone of course.

We greet each other like old friends (isn't Twitter weird? " Their home is well-lit with natural light from the vaulted ceilings and dozens of windows.

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Heidi is currently pregnant with her first child, while Lauren recently welcomed hers, but it's safe to say they won't be planning any play dates.

When asked if she and Lauren will ever mend their friendship, Heidi told E!

They now live in a quiet beach town and mostly keep to themselves. Read these stories next: Spencer Pratt Made Us The Best Gift Guide, Ever Jonathan Cheban Is More Than A Longtime Kardashian BFF, Okay?

However, they were kind enough to open their doors to me and give full access to follow them around for a day in late November. What It's Like Having Spencer Pratt Pseudo-Stalk You On Twitter The Arrival, a.m.

They have a lot of pictures of themselves around the house, but the most striking one is a huge custom Lego piece that hangs above the landing of their stair well. He easily shares 50 Snapchats a day, depending on the activities he has planned. After Heidi is finished with her hair, we head down to their car, a huge black Denali, which is full of half-empty Essentia Enhanced water bottles (he's desperate for an Essentia sponsorship). You know when little kids get a fountain drink and take their cup of ice to the machine and fill every kind of soda in one cup?

It's the first thing you see when you walk into the house. We climb in, Spencer in the driver's seat and Heidi in the passenger, and head to our first destination, their favorite breakfast burrito joint (they love burritos). Heidi uses this opportunity to take a few selfies and check out what filters are available. It's called "a suicide" and results in a toxic-looking black fizzy cola. He'd love to do a commercial for Taco Bell soon (if the internet is as powerful as we think it is, this could very well come to fruition): "I always tweet Taco Bell a picture of me and tacos, and I think a lot of people tweet them, saying 'Give Spencer a commercial!

These are a few things that happen when you spend a day with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag: you tip-toe around their house as to not disturb their four dogs (the closest thing the couple has to kids), you eat Mexican food (twice), and you talk about what it's like to be famous. They reinstated their relevance and their web expanded for the first time in years.

You know Pratt and Montag from their days spent in front of the camera on the iconic reality series, . They tipped the paparazzi off to where they were at all times to elevate their namesake and couple moniker, Speidi. They started using Snapchat and Twitter to interact with anyone that showed interest in their lives. Despite seeing their dozens of tweets and hundreds of Snaps a week, I had to know more about the state of Speidi and what they do all day.

It wasn't until I was tip-toeing up to the side entrance of their home that it sunk in that I was about to spend the whole day with members of the reality TV hall of fame (as the most notorious villains).

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