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A Raleigh man shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend, who was able to call 911 with her dying breaths, likely saving the life of her unborn, 6-month-old baby, police said.

Kimberly Dianne Richardson, 25, was able to muster the strength to alert police and medical personnel to the darkened lot behind a mall where she'd been left for dead by 25-year-old boyfriend Daniel Joseph Steele, authorities said. Authorities are investigating after a 42-year-old Arlington, Virginia woman was found stabbed to death in her home.

They were stabbed multiple times in the chest and torso and found in a bedroom, police said. Cleveland police are hunting for a gunman suspected of shooting and killing a 5-year-old girl who was sitting in a vehicle with her mother.

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Cousins opened fire in the West Lafayette school's electrical engineering building around noon.

"He appeared to have been targeted," said Purdue University Police Chief John Cox of the bright senior who was studying electrical engineering. A 23-year-old woman kicked and beat during a brawl outside a California nightclub has died - hours after new video of the mayhem emerged as cops search for her attackers.

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Michael Jason Miller, 29, of Cincinnati was arrested and charged with murder in the death of 58-year-old Carol Boyd. Boyd was found dead in her home on Woodridge Boulevard. A Plano, Texas woman has been charged with suffocating her boyfriend's daughter.

Melinda Lynn Muniz has been charged with capital murder in the death of 2-year-old Grace Lillian Ford after an autopsy revealed that the woman's story about what happened to the child did not add up. Authorities in Wyoming are seeking the public's help in identifying a a man whose decapitated body was found in a remote area in the northwestern part of the state.The child, Key'ontay Miller Peterson, was found dead in a Burnsville apartment June 11 after police and paramedics responded to a call that he wasn't breathing. Texas police have charged an 18-year-old man with capital murder after a convenience store clerk was found shot to death by a delivery person.Colten Jon Moore, who lives less than a mile from the 7-Eleven store that was robbed, has been charged with the murder of store clerk Yosef Tulu. New York City prosecutors say a 29-year-old man hugged and kissed his two young daughters before stabbing them to death and killing their mother.They say a man in a green SUV pulled up to the vehicle, got out and opened fire, striking the two victims. The girl, identified as Jermani Brooks, was killed.Her 33-year-old mother was in fair condition at Metro Health Medical Center. A Winnie man was charged with the murder of his 2-year-old stepdaughter, according to the Chambers County Sheriff's Office.Kristopher James "Bubba" Redd, 23, faces a capital murder charge.

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