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Meeting at the Airport (General Talk, not Fun Stuff!!) Assembler Instruction to Display data in Spool IEFBR14 utility to create PDS member?

VSAM file opening file status 39 JCL to submit 3 jobs one after another How to resolve S013 abend Why COMP-1 and COMP-2 dont hav picture clause How to catalog an uncataloged dataset Need information about Objectstar(HURON) Conversion from FBA to FB File Status 47 in VSAM File File transfer to PC without using FTP Special names in Cobol Code.

cobol string concatination Share your best REXX tool concepts Pointer concept in Cobol Copying dataset to new dataset using rexx?

System abend '0E37' - Space problem Variable length file in cobol RECORD OUT OF SEQUENCE error on VSAM KSDS file..

FTP Transfer from PC to Mainframe Load Utility error in DB2 Syncsort - sort, ZD to PD, sum PD, PD to ZD, Build output Delete the datasets through JCL How to display a panel using REXX Try to Crack How to solve SE37 ABEND?

Need Help In Coding Rexx code How to recover deleted members of a pds how to avoid a "data set not found" How to specify PC directory to perform FTP Redefining Alpha Numeric to Numeric Can I use OCCURS clause in the structure of the Output file How to sort excluding header trailer records Want to hold job for some time to continue with step02 How to copy a PS file to another PS file?

SUPERC is only showing me diffrences upto 133 bytes Does CURRENT-DATE function work in cobol II Browse dataset using rexx Discussion about Control M scheduler BLKSIZE is ZERO in JCL File Status 90 : While writing a file FTP to transfer files from mainframe ADRDSSU- Copy generation to generation Syntax to insert multiple rows from SPUFI BPXWDYN - assembler dynamic allocation SC03 Error ( was S0C3) Unable to restore a GDG dump Invalid block size Using BPXWDYN to allocate GDG's by relative generation Find the Compile time stamp of a COBOL load module COBOL program for unknown Input file length JOB details from JHS using a REXX program Input from JCL to REXX Removing lines from the input file Extract matching and non matching recs using SORT STEPLIB used to denote library for cobol db2 Load module Extract Dataset Name using Rexx. Calling a DB2 program from a Pure Cobol Program Get system related infos in PL/I Copy data from one file to other using SORT SQLCODE 00000080N Run "Hello world" COBOL program in mainframes REXX to get the maximum volume occupied by VSAM, IAM, PS, PD TRACE ON for a COBOL Program mismatch of LRECL in cobol program and jcl.Invoking MPP program from another MPP program How to run CICS commands from JCL batch job How to fetch nth row from a DB2 table.File Contention Ideas (Batch & Fileaid/File Manager) Handle junk values not readable by COBOL Restore the tape file IKJ56500I COMMAND ISREIRTI NOT FOUND Need help in updating a dataset USING REXX Check for numeric using Syncsort COND condition code check How much bytes do S9(7)V99 COMP-3 occupy?How do we handle the carriage return in the cobol program Keep mainframe session from not being logged off Inquire about a TSO user id with WHOIS command Can we get the return code of a job in some variable problem with control card Issue in SORT CARD having both INCLUDE, STOPAFT and OUTFIL How to create pds member through jcl Creating a ISPF panel in thegiven format Null Indicator In DB2 Checking for a null value in cobol Craziest/mischevious thing done with Mainframes ABEND S837 in JCL Getting U3042 abend in a IMS/DB2 program Analysys of COBOL program Listings.Syncsort - INREC OVERLAY COMP-3 field to NUMERIC FIELD SORT with ABEND=S000 U0016 CEEBINIT, CEEPLPKA & U4094 reason code = 00000018 How to open a PDS EDIT/Browse/VIew mode Export data into an Excel sheet from a flat file.....New issue while running rexx from jcl COBOL NON PRINTABLE CHARACTERS User Abend 0016 occurs in Sort JCL Storing data in cobol array Having a JCL error: CONFLICTING DCB PARAMETERS Submit a job using Connect Direct help on 'HELLO, WROLD' program. while opening a file in EDIT mode it says BROWSE substituted How to get julian date from given date U0260 abend while passing data from IMS screen into pgm Capture SPUFI result in a dataset Difference bw DISP=(new,pass,delete) and DSN=&&temp Fetch Last Record in DB2 Table using SQL Query Run 2 JCLs using a single JOB Help with unsuccessful sort abend message Expanding a copybook called in cobol using clist Multiple Value declaration in cobol for variable Access the "LAST CHANGED TIME" of a member in PDS How to Read a input file line by line and write 2 an output IEBGENER vs SORT How to copy the contents of a PDS to PS File how to execute steps randomly ISREDIT macro command doubt sending Mail through JCL Binary conversion to Decimal - Number of bytes required.


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