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Once everyone’s over the idea that Harry and Marin used to make kissy-face, Erica and Harry begin to discover each other and Nicholson and Keaton blossom together onscreen. The stars just happen to be a bit more mature than usual. As the case always seems to be with guys and girls, Erica finds that she is still more emotionally mature than Harry despite their consecutive ages.

Woefully, she’s the first to figure out that she’s falling for Harry.

We are more than happy to wait for him to come around. Reeves proves his acting chops by being sincere while playing second fiddle to Nicholson’s skirt chaser.

It’s Nicholson not Reeves that’s given the cue to lose his pants and show us some cheek. Even Amanda Peet is golden as a 20-something fearful of falling in love. The scenes that seemed drawn out in theaters are perfectly paced for DVD.

Again, in 2008, it was reported Reeves found dating television presenter Trinny Woodall. 27, Hollywood Gossip titled its story “Keanu Reeves Looks Like Hobo, Dates Martha Higareda.” Reeves hooked up with Hallie Meyers-Shyer in 2005 and split up in 2007 after dating two years.

Earlier in 2005, he was engaged with Kelli Garner, Lynn Collins, and Diane Keaton.It is a stellar romantic comedy starring the best doing their best. Commentary by director Nancy Meyers, producer Bruce Brock and actress Diane Keaton is really a tease. Commentary by director Nancy Meyers and actor Jack Nicholson is quite comical.What happens when Diane and Jack fall in love in a Nancy Meyers film? Nicholson balances Meyer’s monotone voiceover with his sexy, craggily voice and wit.2008, Reeves was dating actress Parker Posey and in May, he was dating Winona Ryder.But, Reeves was found shirtless with China Chow, topless wade in the water together on a beach of the Mediterranean Sea.Not to worry though, Harry has a heart attack before he can consummate his relationship with Marin.

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