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I was going to do another ‘year of blogging’ review of 2015 to mark the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, but then I thought, hell no.What people really want to read about, and what I really want to talk about, is dating.

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And I’m sure there are other deal breakers, such as not liking Dave Matthews Band or baseball or Family Guy…just kidding….no, actually I’m not….yeah, I am………seriously, I’m kidding…..well, maybe not….yes, of course I’m kidding…then again….no, for real this time, I’m just jokin around….perhaps…

Many of us started dating with some sort of idea, no matter how nebulous, of who our dream guy was.

He managed to wedge in feminism, tampon tax and abortion rights into the first hour of meeting him. I actually enjoyed the date I’d spent with him – and I’d deliberately managed my expectation so that I was happy with the one-off experience.

I think my radar was telling me that was how it should end but I allowed myself to be flattered when I eventually heard from him again. I abhor game-playing of any kind and men are always surprised when I immediately text back or make a straightforward arrangement that I’m actually committed to.

In the interest of your happiness, it could make sense to reevaluate the following deal-breakers that might be holding you back from finding love.

The bottom line here is that there are lots of deal-breakers that don't matter as long as you're into the guy.

When I actually started dating, I had to let go of the random qualities I'd cobbled together and be open to guys IRL.

Imagine how my dating life would have gone if I'd considered anyone else a deal-breaker! That's how I view a lot of deal-breakers both men and women have.

The minute I sense that a guy is deliberately not responding to texts or withholding any sign of interest, I’m off.


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