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I was going to do another ‘year of blogging’ review of 2015 to mark the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, but then I thought, hell no.

I'm not saying to force yourself to like someone, because that's both unfair and impossible.

It's just a reminder that keeping an open mind can be seriously beneficial for your love life, especially if you feel like going for the same type always ends in disaster. Which have you realized over the year don't matter as much as you thought?

What’s your “deal breaker” when it comes to relationships?

That’s actually a really deep question that is very difficult to answer if we assume normal conditions.

I should mention that being does not presuppose that you agree with me on everything.

It presupposes that you have a certain sort of attitude–a certain humility–when it comes to certain issues or to discourse in general (discourse in the very broad sense as in how one treats other people on a day-to-day basis and not merely how one debates with others). I don’t wish to construct a clear and organized treatise out of this question.

And I’m sure there are other deal breakers, such as not liking Dave Matthews Band or baseball or Family Guy…just kidding….no, actually I’m not….yeah, I am………seriously, I’m kidding…..well, maybe not….yes, of course I’m kidding…then again….no, for real this time, I’m just jokin around….perhaps…

Many of us started dating with some sort of idea, no matter how nebulous, of who our dream guy was.

Obviously murder is likely going to be a deal breaker.

But dating a murderer would not constitute normal conditions.

I guess I would just break it down to intelligence.

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