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The first date (or second or third) is also no time to reveal sensitive financial information.

The truly skilled scammers will wait until you ask if you can invest. Do a background check on a man if you have any concerns at all, and check out any companies or investment opportunities he alludes to as well.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and in your purse.

Have a couple of drinks, but stay sober and keep your wits about you on this important date.

Your first date is a time to get a feel for the chemistry and compatibility you might share.

You’re not a teenager anymore, and you know what kind of situations too much alcohol got you into back in the day.

Even if everything goes very well and the man is simply wonderful, too many drinks can have all kinds of consequences.

It is not a time to reveal very personal details about yourself.

Sure, you might want to share a story or two about your deceased or divorced husband if he asks, but too much talk about him will turn off your date.

But, whether it’s your first or 51st date, you should always be in control of the circumstances around you.

Be alert and in charge, and never get involved in a romance or financial scheme without doing your due diligence and getting advice from trusted friends and relatives who love you.

He might form a poor opinion of you as a lady, or you might lose your good judgment and let things go too far.

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