Are you dating the right person

It was important to me that he liked my sense of humor; since he made me laugh, I wanted to do the same. If you wouldn’t even be friends with the guy you’re seeing, why should you be dating him? You feel like you can’t be your true self around him.Maybe humor isn’t as important to everyone, but you need to have a few inside jokes that just crack you guys up. There’s gotta be more than just great sexual chemistry. I’m a bit of a sarcastic person sometimes, but even I see the wisdom in finding positivity in the world. but wouldn’t even DREAM of telling him, for fear of being judged. (Sorry, if I don’t make a Billy Joel reference in almost everything I write, part of me dies.) You cannot be with someone unless you can be yourself — your best, and your worst.

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You feel like your partner only has one interest in life and yeah, you guessed it, it’s you. Spending time with this person seems more like a chore than it is just for fun, and you’re constantly feeling drained at the end of every meet. You can’t bear to make plans, because at the back of your mind, you’re wondering whether or not you’d still be together by then.

You don’t see yourself going on vacation with this person, or bringing them to your company christmas party, let alone to your cousin’s wedding.

They might think that the world revolves around them and urge you to put in more effort just to fit into their circle.

Being with this person feels like having to put on a show and change character.

They are constantly jumping from one job to another, they put more effort into friends and none in your relationship and they spend frivolously while not even working to make enough money. Stay with people because of genuine feelings and not just out of simple comfort.

Don’t ever stay with someone only because you hate the idea of having to start over.If your relationship is dead and 6 feet underground, let it stay there.If you’re constantly thinking ‘God, if I were single, I would…’ then maybe, decide to be single?You’re not thrilled about having to learn all the things they are interested in, and they don’t even try to do the same with your interests. …and if they have then they are probably not comfortable with them.There’s a reason you haven’t introduced them to friends and family, and it’s not because you’re too busy.He should provide you with emotional support, just like any good friend of yours would. his friends and family and vice versa; but you should be able to all get along. If your core values, the things you hold dearest to your heart, are so far from the things he holds close, you’re going to have a problem. not wanting to have children, being extremely religious vs. Trust me on this one, you want someone who can open up to you.


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