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Some will drive him around when he’s in town with a team and doesn't have a car.Each year, the LHFC holds a dinner on Hawkins’ birthday and calls him to sing “Happy Birthday."“I know how it’s affected my life in a positive way," Hawkins says. ’ She referred to him as her other son.“After the Saturday Mets-Twins game, he said, ‘OK, I’m going to go visit Mom.’ He met me out at her care center and he brought her all these things.“One of the coolest things happens when we’re talking to him before the games and people will come down and want to interrupt," says Larry Campbell, LHFC member No. “And La Troy says, ‘Not right now, I’m talking with my family.' He refers to us as family. Family."“It’s hard for me to even talk about -- I still get goose bumps about how genuinely nice they are," Hawkins says. They’re just the nicest people in the world you would ever want to meet.

And I feel like family."Linda Campbell (Larry’s wife and LHFC member No.

20) says that when Hawkins’ wife, Anita, was pregnant with daughter, Troi, a dozen years ago, she invited female fan club members to a baby shower that the Twins' wives threw.

And from there, the relationship just grew and strengthened through picnics, barbecues, golf outings, basketball games, card games, trips to the zoo, babysitting, visits to Hawkins’ hometown of Gary, Ind.

-- you name it.“The relationship goes the other way, too.

" Hawkins got out and handed Weber the keys.“Then La Troy’s mom drives up in a minivan and picks him up," Weber says. ’, opens up the sliding door of the minivan and gets in with his mom.

And then we’re driving down Interstate 94 in his Beemer."The BMW must have been impressive.Like the request made by Eric Weber (LHFC member No.230) when he was 17 and attending high school near the Twin Cities a decade or so ago. The day of the prom was also the day of a Twins game, so Weber waited for Hawkins and the car at the Metrodome.He’s kind of invited us in a way into his family," Englund says.“Whether it’s some of us going to his grandmother’s funeral or going to his wife’s milestone birthday -- all these different events on his side -- he’s welcomed us and invited us as if we’re family.One day, Hawkins stopped to sign autographs outside the Metrodome for Eric Englund and Heidi Sutter.“We just started talking to him.


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