Updating large value data types

It's also called a local connection as opposed to a remote (or telecommunication) connection.

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Here is a full working sample that uses the Navteq EU data source and updates the map with nearby ATM’s as you move the map.

This uses the Bing Spatial Data Services Query API.

Since Redis keys are strings, when we use the string type as a value too, we are mapping a string to another string.

The string data type is useful for a number of use cases, like caching HTML fragments or pages.

5) On the World Wide Web, a channel is a preselected Web site that can automatically send updated information for immediate display or viewing on request. 6) In computer and Internet marketing, a channel is a "middleman" between a product creator and the marketplace.

Value-added resellers (VAR) and retail store chains are examples of channels in this context.

2) In the public switched telephone network (PSTN), a channel is one of multiple transmission paths within a single link between network points.

For example, the commonly used (in North America) T-carrier system line service provides 24 64 Kbps channels for digital data transmission.

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Reference document: My SQL Cloud Service And that’s all !!


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