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An entire children’s sleepaway camp, dating to 1950, that has been abandoned for more than 15 years.Camp Wishe had everything you could want in a classic American sleepaway camp: a beautiful mess hall building (above) flanked by two towering pines, numerous cabins for the kids…

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EVERYONE knows that holiday movies are more than half the fun of the holidays.

Whether it's with a bae, your entire extended family, or just your BFF, holiday movies are the best reason to not leave your bed this winter break.

Pathogenicity tests in chicken embryos and chickens illustrate that D3 and R8 are lentogenic, and W4 and P4 are mesogenic strains.

Phylogenetic analysis using all six genes provides a high resolution profile for genotype designation as genotype I for D3 and R8 strains and genotype VI for W4 and P4 strains.

Yes, these are the very same plates and cups used by the campers for decades…

And these things are HEAVY – you could probably kill someone with one of these mugs! Through a door off the kitchen, the old refrigerator room… Ha, I remember at camp how anything frozen (popsicles, fudgesicles, ice pops, ice cream sandwiches) was the equivalent of gold. An additional stove: A soccer ball that hasn’t been kicked since at least 15 years (I gave it a little tap for good measure).

…with 30-foot high cathedral-beamed ceilings and a balcony area.

I love the timber banisters, which are as in good condition today…

The main character driving the story is Alba or Lidia (Blanca Suárez).


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  2. The Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichén Itzá, constructed circa 1050 was built during the late Mayan period, when Toltecs from Tula became politically powerful.

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  4. The best Hollywood Actor, comedian, writer, producer and voice actor, holds the American nationality and white ethnicity.

  5. Basically they are using methods that catch one fish at a time where there’s only 1 fish in the ocean and thousands of guys fighting for it.

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