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Twitter Reactions To Rumored Wedding“They certainly looked like a happy couple” a close friend Tweeted on Saturday (February 10).

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The playboy wooed Tori to get close to Chloe again, and Tori dated the Zach to teach him a lesson.

After crossing off another milestone on his bucketlist by directing his own music video, Xian Lim is very much excited to direct his second project. Ako na ang nagvovolunteer na ako ng ang magdi-direct ng ganito.

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“I wouldn’t mind what people would throw at me it’s just that all I care about is having good quality para sakanila And basta mag-enjoy lang sila and magkaroon ng worthwhile experience,” he explained.

In the future, Xian hopes to direct the music videos of these two stars.

I’m presenting myself not just as Xian na actor but I also want to direct,” he said in an exclusive interview with Push during the grand media launch of his third album titled “Key of X.” Xian directed the music video of his newest album’s carrier single “Getting To Know Each Other Too Well” with Miss Universe 2016 Maxine Medina and comedian Ramon Bautista. According to Xian the flow of the music video was his very own idea, which was inspired by his past experience as a promodizer. Pero I just wanted something na parang out of the box, something kakaiba.

READ: Xian Lim ventures into music video directing In fact, he did more than directing for that project. That’s why nandoon si Maxine Medina na Miss Universe natin running around the streets of Binondo,” he said.

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