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Brodie also had a 2-year-old daughter, who was taken from the scene and transported to a nearby hospital.She was not injured and the Department of Children and Families was with her at the hospital, according to police.

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On Friday afternoon, police said they arrested Anthony Rutherford, of Philadelphia, who was in a "tumultuous" relationship with Brodie and had recently moved in with her.

Police said Rutherford was taken into custody in the Brooklyn area of Waterbury.

Like the effect of the script, you can feel the heat and taste the food.

Surprisingly, as it's a particularly challenging role given that these types of performances usually struggle, our kid protagonist Gattlin Griffith holds his own among the cast. These characters seem to be her comfort zone and she's certainly perfected her craft, but we don't often enter her headspace. His performance is the epitome of less-is-more and sells his complex character perfectly. The idea that he's doing all the mundane things he hasn't been able to do in decades brings simple delights.

“To not be taken away from me, his child, his nephews. She says, ‘My daddy, Bryan Clay.’” Clay, who is thin and small in stature, was often bullied at school, she testified.

We still have a family.” White testified that on the day he was arrested, Clay was sleeping on the floor of her home. She turned her son in because she knew police were looking for him, she said. Children made fun of his size, his dark skin tone and his teeth. “I’m not going to give up on Bryan.” Testimony is scheduled to resume Monday morning. The flashbacks to Frank's past don't have the same effect as the script despite the eerily similar looking young actor, as they're more confusing than clarifying.Contrary to common complaint, this is not like a lifetime movie.I happened to have watched some recently and they're more concerned with twists and insanity, instead Labor Day is closer to a 1950s domestic melodrama. I have a little bias as to how much I like this film, but I walked into the script blind too.Though it need not have had the orchestra swell during the on-the-nose summary lines about what the film's events mean to the characters, Labor Day's emotional punch of two souls bonded by tragic pasts still breaks my heart.Police said this is an ongoing investigation and they have not determined a motive.

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