Bristol palin dating dance partner

Bristol Palin and her “Dancing” partner, Mark Ballas, take a break from dance rehearsals to chat with Access’ Maria Menounos about what she thinks of Tina Fey’s impersonation of her mom, Sarah Palin.

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But she didn't have to worry about her mother's reaction after Sarah took to her Twitter page after the performance.

She wrote: 'Over-the-moon excited and happy for Bristol! It caused some embarrassment for Sarah, who had always advocated the virtue of no sex before marriage.

“Here’s the thing with these packages they show before our dance … The last season we did together, back in season 11, we didn’t argue once.

they’re a minute and a half,” Ballas told reporters after the show.

Although Palin's routine was generally praised, it wasn't such a good night for actor David Hasselhoff - the 33-year old danced a cha-cha during his performance, however, he was heavily criticised and awarded the lowest overall score.

She got away with a racy impersonation of her politician mother for a sexy dance routine a couple of days ago.

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So Dancing With The Stars contestant Bristol Palin thought it was probably safe enough to make a trip home - and take her dancing partner along with her.

The 19-year-old single mother took some time out from her busy schedule for the celebrity reality TV show to jet home to Alaska to see the family.

Bristol, who mother to son Tripp, began her performance in a grey office power suit, a clear send-up of her conservative politician mother.

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