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The Lovers, representing “the choice,” will consistently want to know that you can choose what’s better for the soul of the relationship – that you can put your relationship’s wellbeing before petty arguments.That you can sense “the third soul” and its purpose in your bones.Your divine connection may sometimes ask you to draw boundaries, be firm, or show anger – that’s all fine.

It feels that you know them , you recognise them, you understand each other and you have a bond even when you’re separate from each other.

The fundamental difference between a past-life relationship and a soulmate relationship is that soulmate relationships tend to work.

As such, the Lovers tells us the secret behind men’s true happiness: embracing the feminine ideals of love, nurturing, and commitment as they maintain spiritual maturity and independence in their adult-adult relationships. Note that the woman is looking at God and she doesn’t seem aware of the snake at all.

This teaches us, when women fall in love with men, they need to constantly remember their own worth, sacredness and divine connection.

The Lovers card, in this context, means choice between psychological idleness and true inner growth.

In choosing the young wife, the man will start a new life where he assumes real responsibilities. They choose to be out there in the world and commit to their dreams and to a woman, but inside they remain a boy. In a reading, the Lovers, when accompanied by other “motherly” cards such as the Empress, may point to such a man.

Ever been in a very intense relationship where you feel you have known that person your whole life?

You feel that you know what the person is thinking and feeling, as if there is an emotional cord between you? When you meet someone that you had a past-life relationship with it often feels as if that person is your soulmate.

Your man is all about his ambitions, maybe even greed, and you forgot who you really are – the all-loving Goddess.


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