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From durability to strength to being clear in water, I use 15 and 25 Lb.for Flipping on a 7' 11" XXHeavy Flipping stick and it puts $ in the boat!! Thin diameter, sinks (which is a big concern when fishing in crowded tournaments using bobbers! The memory comparative to other lines such a Big Game or BPS Excel, is night and day.

The line diameters are less than P-Line CXX and the breaking strengths are also lower for each line rating.

This line handles quite well even on a spinning reel and can be used in the higher strength ratings even for finesse fishing. Comments: I don't understand how some guys can have such negative experiences with this line and others have good experiences.

& striper fishing on the Hudson River near the Federal dam in Troy NY. People with problems with this line don't know how to use line properly. works great on Carolina rig fishing in northern NY lakes for small mouth & large mouth with enough strength and low visibility for picky fish. From: Comments: I'm not sure where all of these negative comments come from on this line.

I've used it for years & never had a problem with it.

Both failure at hook set , yes I set the hook hard , fished tournament for over 20 years and never had this happen before.

Fair warning if you are going to depend on a fishing line this is not the line for you.

Enough said From: Comments: If you use common sense, check your line often for damage, and replace it often when using high resistance lures, this line is dependable and easy to cast/manage. With a standard fisherman's barrel knot, I have not found there to be any slipping issues, however, it is 30# test and I wet my line before tying. From: Comments: bought the 6lb for my light tackle spinning rod & couldn't be happier.

I have been using it since it came out and have only had issues with one bad spool. previously used seaguar red label & had problems with line memory & wind knots - even after treating with kvd conditioner.

Probably one of the best co-polymer line I've ever used. From: Comments: my 6lb [2.72kg] floroclear just lifted 3.45 kg in my test why?


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