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He later goes out to lunch with Jeremy and hints at Jeremy’s attraction towards his sister.

Jeremy explains that Miranda is too bossy for him, though admitting she is beautiful.

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She explains the gossipy part of her life (that Miranda had hoped to discover) to Ned, who listens with interest.

Ned is later kicked out of Liz’s house because, at an important school interview, River tells the interviewer that Ned just got out of jail for selling drugs to a policeman.

Dylan later says the only reason he was naked was to make Tatiana feel more “comfortable” while being naked, which Ned believes.

The next night, Ned goes with Miranda to Arabella’s benefit dinner, and stays behind to have a conversation with Arabella.

as they decided to have married couple Marvin and Rochelle Humes present the show.

The pair seemed really excited to be hosting the show as Rochelle said and tweeted that she didn’t sleep last night due to excitemnet.

Miranda hopes to pry into her scandalous past, but is dismayed to learn of a legal agreement to only ask about charity work.

Miranda tries to pretend Ned isn’t there, but his friendliness charms Arabella, who takes a liking to him.

Miranda and Nat try to tell Liz about Dylan’s affair but Liz becomes angry and the conversation turns into an argument between the three about their personal lives.


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