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Ukrainian Ganna Ziuzina, 38, has asked for a 'murder determination' from judges as she fights to unlock the £2m estate of Barry Pring.

Mr Pring, 47, from Battersea, south-west London, died in Kiev in 2008 when he was struck on the edge of a motorway after their first wedding anniversary dinner.

‘We suspect, as often happens in these cases, the monthly annuity payment quoted to provide a pension for her would have been significantly lower than a single-life annuity.

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Up to 70 per cent of people at retirement could qualify for a better rate because of a health or lifestyle condition, and yet only 6 per cent of that that purchased an annuity in the second quarter of the year without advice bought an enhanced annuity, according to This compares to 45 per cent when advice is provided or people shopped around - the reason being that many people are not aware that they could be entitled to a better rate on account of their health or lifestyle.

Last month, for example, 45.5 per cent of all Hargreaves Lansdown enhanced quotes were for high blood pressure - not a factor that many would automatically think be taken into consideration when deciding their pension income.

To begin with, the Britannic salesman recommended that Mr Monksfield take an enhanced annuity — which pays a bigger income to those who are sick.

According to Mrs Monksfield, her husband then explained that she needed looking after following his death.

Days after they moved in, they met a financial adviser from insurance giant Britannic to ask for help turning a pension of £99,154 into an income which would keep his wife secure for years after his death.

Their beautiful home has been sold, and Mrs Monksfield, 63, has been reduced to living on benefits in a two-bedroom flat — and all because her husband unknowingly signed up to the wrong type of pension.Figures shown to Money Mail reveal that last year 301,825 retirees turned their pension into a standard income.Of these, 68 per cent were the type which immediately stops paying out when the pensioner dies, or has a guarantee that it will deliver an income for a limited period.Since his death, Mr Pring's family have insisted that Ms Ziuzina, a former stripper, should not benefit from his estate.His brother Shaughan claims it is 'bloody obvious' that Ms Ziuzina murdered the IT consultant as part of a pre-arranged conspiracy.This pays an income during your life — and then a reduced one to your loved one after you have died.


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