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[Read the rest of this article...] Police sources have disclosed that while the matter is currently being investigated by officials attached to the Vulnerable Persons Unit, the probe has been stalled.

It appears that the female student who has been uncooperative with investigators is receiving psychological assistance from counselors at the Department of Human Services.

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Most of LUCELEC’s work stops at the electricity meter.

The company statement adds that anyone presenting himself or herself to your place of business or home as a LUCELEC employee should always be asked to show the appropriate LUCELEC picture identification.

[Read the rest of this article...] The Castries Market will, in the coming months, undergo some major rehabilitation in keeping with government’s overall redevelopment plan for the city of Castries. Allen Chastanet, in articulating the government’s plan to develop the city, said the Castries market forms part of that plan, and that improvements to the decades-old facility are long overdue.

[Read the rest of this article...] It has been reported to the St.

[Read the rest of this article...] Police have informed that while a report on the cutlass attack has been made, the matter is out of their hands.

When pressed for a comment, Press relations officer Ann Joseph confirmed that the age of criminal responsibility is 12 years old and that the incident involved children under the legal age for prosecution.

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[Read the rest of this article...] Police are reporting success in their crack down on crime following a series of joint operations conducted simultaneously in various communities in the Northern Division on Monday this week.


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