Fake people on dating websites

The female profiles will have pictures of young and beautiful women, while the male profiles mostly will have photos of more mature men, good-looking, but not model material.When reviewing a a picture that just seems wrong, moderators can do a Google search to see if the images show up somewhere else.

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Another curious recurring scam marker is that male profiles often will often mention their salt and pepper hair.

A term that few genuine men would probably use to describe themselves, but a characteristic that is generally agreed to be attractive.

Romance scammers are trying to sell a dream as fast as possible.

As such they are putting a lot of effort into making sure that their “offering” is as perfect as it can be, for their target prey.

Profile pictures is one of the easiest things to investigate to identify if a profile is genuine (or not).

Scammers used to look to model stills or stock photos when creating their fake persona.

Occupation is a piece of description that is quite vital to spotting a romance scammer.

The scammers often use their claimed profession as part of their scheme to lure money out of potential victims.

This means that they share scripts and wording that have delivered successful results with their target group.


  1. In March 2009, De La Rosa-Loera was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison.

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