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These buildings are among the oldest man made structures found on earth.

They serve as a testimony to the gods and deities of cultures and civilizations long gone.

The tree now growing above the finding place and the wood pieces dating 9,550 years have the same genetic material.

The actual has been tested by carbon-14 dating at a laboratory in Miami, Florida, USA.

It could have been used primarily as an administrative center, a religious center—or both, in a theocratic manner.

Knossos is also often associated with the legend of the Athenian hero Theseus killing the Minotaur.

A fascinating discovery was made under the crown of a spruce in Fulu Mountain in Dalarna.

Scientists found four "generations" of spruce remains in the form of cones and wood produced from the highest grounds.

The palace comprised living spaces, reception rooms, workshops, shrines and store rooms all built around a central square.

The main function of the palace is still under debate.

The world's oldest recorded tree is a 9,550 year old spruce in the Dalarna province of Sweden.

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