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They sent the Fallses a loan modification "approval" letter — a bogus replica purportedly from HUD that detailed their Chase loan number, rate and balance. That information was probably obtained from public records, the Fallses were later told. Some demand upfront payment for materials and then run off with the money.

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Another man in Mataura had lost about $60,000 to a woman he had been communicating with online - but not to the woman in the other Southland case, he said."During the investigation I've spoken to a local bank, who said they've had several clients who have been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars."There was no chance of recovering either of the men's money, Roberts said."You should never give money to anyone you don't personally know or have never met in person.""There's that old saying that if it's too good to be true, it probably is."* Comments on this story have now closed.

Romance scammers cruise online dating websites, posting hundreds of messages a day.

People 65 and older are prized targets because of Medicare benefits.

In view of continuing public misconceptions about how the Affordable Care Act works, experts predict health care scams will become an epidemic in 2014.

Stick with reputable charities whose names you've known for years.

They claim to be beloved grandchildren who've been arrested or hospitalized — often while traveling — and need immediate money. Or, at least call the grandchild or parents before heading to Western Union. The natural aging process can cause changes in brain function that benefit scammers.

These come in many forms: Some are free-lunch seminars hawking questionable financial products or legitimate ones with long "hold" periods that are unsuitable for older investors.

Others are pitches from cold-calling telemarketers for "no risk" investments in precious metals or penny stocks.

See also: Most over-the- transom email solicitations for donations are fraudulent.

Never give credit card information to telephone or front-door solicitors.

After weeks of cyber sweet talk tailored to potential victims' responses, schemers inevitably request money — typically via wire transfer — saying they need it for a plane ticket to come visit or to deal with some personal emergency.


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