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As it happens I did meet a man who ticked a lot of the boxes, he was attractive, articulate, charming and very attentive (he would email me nearly every day).This went on for a few months with him telling me of his plans to purchase property in Wellington as he was planning to move to New Zealand.

Grandparents of college-aged young people are the most frequent targets, reporting losses exceeding $110 million a year. Often subtle, even unnoticeable, these shifts often occur around the mid-60s. This can make you more likely to fall for scams urging you to act immediately.

Scammers know what we want: to feel secure, loved and valued. Age-related brain changes can hamper the ability to recognize facial expressions that signal deceit.

And they know that the older we get, the more we need peace of mind. Lies repeated again and again are more likely to be perceived as true as you age, experts say.

To provide it, some use sweet talk, promising a solution to a problem: money for our shrinking nest eggs, companionship for our lonely hearts, a chance to show we matter. Con artists use tactics that rely on an erosion of memory or the ability to focus attention. " or "We agreed on this price" are phrases that are often used.

They sent the Fallses a loan modification "approval" letter — a bogus replica purportedly from HUD that detailed their Chase loan number, rate and balance.

That information was probably obtained from public records, the Fallses were later told.

See also: When help is needed, older people are often among the first to open their hearts and wallets.

This helps make them the group most vulnerable to scams feigning aid for veterans, needy or sick children, or victims of a recent disaster, says Bennett Weiner of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

See also: Most over-the- transom email solicitations for donations are fraudulent.

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