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Here, 4,500 years ago, an unknown prehistoric people worked with over 200 furnaces, producing an assortment of vases, knives, spearheads, rings, bracelets, etc.

The Medzamor craftsmen wore mouth-filters and gloves while they labored and fashioned their wares of copper, lead, zinc, iron, gold, tin, manganese and fourteen kinds of bronze. "The remarkable fact was announced some years ago that certain gastropod mollusca secrete free sulfuric acid; and this has since then been not infrequently observed in the case of the gigantic Dolium galea, which discharges from its proboscis a drop of liquid or saliva that produces a very sensible effervescence on chalk or marble.

It may be ordered by clicking: were some pretty smart metal workers in the ancient city of Baghdad, Persia [now Iraq].

Inside of this vase a cylinder made of sheet copper of high purity was found - the cylinder being 10 centimeters high and having a diameter of about 26 millimeters, almost exactly 1 inch.

The inner surface of this round copper sheet - the one that formed the inner bottom of the hollow cylinder - was covered with a layer of asphalt, 3 millimeters in thickness.

The upper part of the iron rod shows that it was at first round, and while the lower end has partly corroded away so that the rod is pointed now at the lower end, it might be safely assumed that in the beginning it was of uniform thickness. - one naturally feels very reluctant to accept such an explanation, but there is really no alternative.

"An assembly of this kind cannot very well have any other purpose than that of generating a weak electric current. The value of this discovery increases when one knows that four similar clay vases were found near Tel'Omar or Seleukia - three of them containing copper cylinders similar to the one found at Khujut Rabu'a.

"Similar 'batteries' were also found in the vicinity of Bagdad in the ruins of a somewhat younger period. These finds date from the time when the dynasty of the Sassanides ruled Persia and the neighboring countries - 224 A. Koenig, the discoverer of the best preserved of all these vases, suggests that this use might still be in evidence in Bagdad itself.

He found that the silversmiths of Bagdad use a primitive method of electroplating their wares.The origin of their method cannot be ascertained and seems to date back a number of years.Since galvanic batteries of the type found would generate a sufficiently powerful current for electrogilding small articles fashioned of silver, it might very well be that the origin of the method has to be sought in antiquity." Electrogilding or electroplating basically only requires rods or wire, a couple of simple electric cells (batteries) connected to a bath of common chemicals wherein the items to be electroplated are placed.He has written several magazine articles as well as a few books.Historical Evidence for Unicorns and Astronomical Revelations or 666 were published in the mid 1990's and his latest release, in 2006, is The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse and Other Ancient Lighting.It will ever be so." These so-called Baghdad batteries, discovered in the 1930's, are now old news, and the evidence that the ancients used them to electroplate some of the artifacts stored in museums around the world is likewise common knowledge. Wilhelm Koenig of the Iraq Museum in Bagdad reported recently that a peculiar instrument was unearthed by an expedition of his museum in the summer of 1936.


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