Jícama is a species in the genus Pachyrhizus in the bean family (Fabaceae).Plants in this genus are commonly referred to as yam bean, although the term "yam bean" can be another name for jícama.

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), Mexican yam bean, or Mexican turnip, is the name of a native Mexican vine, although the name most commonly refers to the plant's edible tuberous root.

Several species of jicama occur, but the one found in many markets is Pachyrhizus erosus. erosus are jicama de agua and jicama de leche: both named for the consistency of their juice.

The leche form has an elongated root and milky juice while the agua form has a top-shaped to oblate root, a more watery translucent juice, and is the preferred form for market.

It is worth growing in cooler areas that have at least five months without frost, as it will still produce tubers, but they will be smaller.

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