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Asked who he was talking about, Bannon replied: 'I'm talking – obviously, about Gary Cohn and some other people. Bannon, a founding board member of conservative site Breitbart News who joined Trump's campaign to help shape the campaign's nationalistic tragectory, described his own style as well as that of the president he guided.'The media image I think is pretty accurate. 'You're more than that,' countered Rose.'No, I think I'm – I think I'm – I'm a street fighter,' Bannon responded. Bannon, brief communications director Anthony Scaramucci, and several security staffers have departed in recent weeks.'By the way, after the Charlottesville situation, that's what I told General Kelly, I was the only guy that came out and tried to defend him.

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He called out economic advisor Gary Cohn and 'other people' at the White House, whose exasperation with Trump for his handling of the situation made it into the press.'You can tell him, "Hey, maybe you can do it a better way." But if you're gonna break, then resign. The stuff that was leaked out that week by certain members of the White House I thought was unacceptable. I'm going to be his wing man outside for the entire time, to protect,' he said, as he got cut off by a question.'You will not be attacking Donald Trump?

If you find it unacceptable, you should resign,' said Bannon. ' asked Rose.'No, our purpose is to support Donald Trump,' said Bannon, who has returned to a role at Breitbart.'To make sure his enemies know that there's no free shot on goal.'Then he turned to Charlottesville, saying he went to new chief of staff John Kelly, who quickly cleaned house upon his arrival.

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He said Cohn, who is Jewish and who later came out with a slashing op-ed criticizing the administration's handling of the incident, should 'absolutely' have resigned.

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There were still some signs of the old Bannon however, most noticeably in his blood-shot eyes.

Bannon sat down with '60 Minutes' host Charlie Rose for the first time since leaving the White House, and had harsh words for those insiders who would side against the president, casting himself as the ultimate loyalist.'When you side with a man, you side with him,' Bannon said.

He said he was 'proud to come out and try to defend President Trump in the media' following Trump's comments on Charlottesville.

The president was widely criticized after calling out violence on 'both sides' after clashes between neo-Nazis and counter-protesters.

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