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I was so intent upon the study of Taiji Boxing, and due to the deep earnestness I felt for this basic goal, I could not decide which person it would be easier for me to achieve success from, so I also studied with Wang.

I still had not seen Taiji Boxing, but I once listened to them talking about its concepts, causing me to yearn for it that much more.經過了若干年。祇是沒有機會。遇着太極拳練得好的朋友。不但無從研究。便想看一次是如何的形式。也達不到這個目的。到乙丑年五月。幸有一位陳微明先生。從北京來到上海。以所從楊家學得的太極拳。設一個致柔拳社。專教人練習。我得這個機會。纔從事研究了幾個月。不料正在研練的時候。二十年前教我練拳的王志羣先生。也到了上海。我這時與王先生已有好幾年不曾見面了。一向祇聽得王先生在北京。專心研究太極拳。因為原來根柢甚深的原故。成功比任何人都容易。我於是又從王先生研究。論王先生所練的太極拳。與陳先生所練的本屬一家。陳先生的師承。是楊澄甫。王先生的師承。是吳鑑泉。兩人都是楊露禪的再傳弟子。當然是一家一派的了。但是兩人所傳授的拳式。各自不同。我當時很是疑惑。不敢隨便判斷誰對誰不對。我旣以研究拳術為目的。自不能存黨同伐異的心。何況同是太極拳術。又是同出一家呢。衹以研究便利的關係。因王先生住在我家。便專從王先生研究。也時常與陳先生推手。奈不久離了上海囘湖南。在湖南找不着練太極拳的人。沒有人和我推手。祇好獨自練習。A number of years passed and I still had no opportunity to make the acquaintance of a friend who was a decent practitioner of Taiji Boxing.

Not only was I unable to study it, I began to feel I would never be able to achieve the goal of even seeing it.

I also often pushed hands with Chen at that time, but before long I left Shanghai to return to Hunan.

In Hunan I could not find a practitioner of Taiji Boxing, no one for me to push hands with, and so the only thing I could do was practice by myself.戊辰七月。我跟着湖南的軍隊到了北京。當時北京已改名北平。因政府遷都南京的關係。北京市面漸就蕭條。影響所及。連幾個練太極拳有名的人物。如楊澄甫、吳鑑泉等。都跟着往南京或上海去了。所會見的幾個。誰也是北方有相當聲望的人。如許禹生、劉恩綬之類。對於太極拳。都有若干年的研究。其所練架式。類似吳鑑泉傳授者為最多。我於是又從許劉兩人研究了些日子。許君以吳楊等專練太極拳之人。皆已南去。他辦了一個體育學校。找不着教太極拳的好手。就託人在河南溫縣陳家溝子。聘了一位姓陳名績甫的來。相傳楊露禪當日。是從陳家溝子學來的太極。他的師傅叫陳長興。從陳長興到現在。代有傳人。此刻陳家溝子的人。少有不練拳的。練的都是太極。沒有第二種拳。在那地方流行。體育學校請來那位姓陳的。年齡不過四十歲。是從小專練太極拳。不曾練過旁的拳。到北平後。除在體育學校擔任教授而外。還有許多人。請到自己家裏去教。我聽得這們一位人物。少不得要去見一見。這日由許君介紹。在體育學校會面。並見他練了拳。推了手。還和他談論了好一會。不會他倒也罷了。會過之後。使我更加了疑惑起來。因為他這道地的太極拳。不僅和吳鑑泉傳授的形式大不相同。就是和楊澄甫所傳授的。比較也全不是那門一囘事。連拳譜上的名目。也不一樣。In July, 1928, I followed the Hunan army to Beijing, from that time now called Beiping.

The sounds are close, but the patterns of movement are very different.

Then I noticed that his pushing hands consists of only the same-side [i.e.

When I heard about such a noteworthy person, I had to take a look.

I was then recommended by Xu to come to the School and see this unique boxing art and its pushing hands, and to discuss with the man for a while. After meeting him, I was left even more confused than before, because this authentic version of Taiji Boxing is not only entirely different in appearance from Wu Jianquan’s teachings, but also completely dissimilar to Yang Chengfu’s.

My goal was just to study boxing arts, and so I was incapable of being biased toward any style, that much more so in the case of the Taiji boxing styles, which had emerged from the same school.


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